Is a Sleepytime Program right for your family?

If you say “YES” to the statements below, then you are ready to start your Sleepytime journey!

  • You want more sleep for your baby/toddler/child AND for yourself.
  • You want a program that takes into consideration your individual family situation and needs.
  • You want clarity and answers to WHY your child is having difficulty sleeping independently.
  • You want a SOLUTION that actually works long-term.
  • You want to implement a program in the comfort and safety of your home environment.
  • You want a strong bond with your baby and a happy, healthy relationship with your partner.
  • You want the FREEDOM to leave the house!
A Sleepytime Program (5 months – 7 years)
This is a comprehensive sleep program tailored to the needs of YOUR child and to the needs of YOUR family. A Sleepytime Program is about empowering you so you feel ready to support your child as they transition into a champion sleeper. You will have all the skills and tools you need to start this journey with your precious one. You have the option of full support during implementation of the program or no support. It is totally up to you!
  • A full sleep assessment
  • A virtual consultation via Skype
  • A comprehensive sleep program tailored to your child’s specific sleep needs
  • Email and telephone support
Additional Sleepytime Options
Do you have twins or siblings that are just not sleeping? I will tailor a sleep program for your entire family! Have you had a champion sleeper but things have recently changed? Book in a one-off telephone call with me! Does your child sleep well at night and just will not nap, or visa versa? Let us talk so you can get the support you need.
Seminars, Workshops and Webinars
I have a range of options available for daycare centres, playgroups, mother’s groups, school groups and beyond. These seminars, workshops and webinars can be attended either at a venue of your choice (if in Perth) or via the internet.Contact me today to discuss the needs of your group so I can tailor a workshop that is right for you.
  • Learning about the 7 most important sleep tips for your infant or toddler.
  • How to establish fun and predictable sleep time routines for your child.
  • Common set backs and problems.
  • Naptime nightmares and nap transitions.
  • Newborns: How to establish healthy sleep habits right from the start.
  • Toddler troubles.
  • Transitioning children from a cot to a bed.
Sleepytime Newborn Program
Currently unavailable at this time.