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Sleep issues can be complex as each child’s situation is unique. If you would like to contact me directly to talk about your specific sleep needs, click here.

5 Simple Steps to Sleepytime Success + Sleep Tracker

5 STEPS to Sleepytime Success



Download my “5 simple steps to Sleepytime Success” here and receive a bonus sleep tracker. This simple guide will enable parents to establish healthy sleep habits that can be implemented immediately.



Sleepytime Sleep Chart for Children




Download the “Sleepytime Sleep Chart for Children” which highlights the recommended sleep for children 0-5years of age. Use this chart as a guide only because not all children are the same.




Sleep is Awesome Chart!

Sleep is AWESOME



Teaching your toddler or child about sleep is important. We need sleep to keep our bodies happy and healthy. Use this visual chart to guide the discussion with your little one.



Visual Bedtime Routine Chart



Children like consistency and predictability. By having the same bedtime routine it will become an important cue that it is “sleepytime”. A visual prompt clearly displayed for your child can reduce the bedtime battle. Have it displayed either in your child’s room or in the bathroom.



Visual Daytime Routine



Children like consistency and predictability. Children need simple, step-by-step visual prompts. A visual daytime routine chart, clearly displayed for your child, can reduce the battle and stress in the morning. This can also foster independence for your child.



Toddler Reward Chart



Trying to encourage your toddler or child to stay in his or her bed all night can be a difficult task. They need to WANT to stay in their bed. Using a reward chart is a useful tool. Each night your child stays in bed, place a sticker on their chart and offer a small “treat”. By night 10, if they have succeeded in staying in bed, they can be rewarded with a desired toy or an outing with mum and dad at a place of their choice.

The Sleepytime Guide to Early Morning Wake Ups

janellejeffery_Early Morning wake ups


Is your baby, toddler or child regularly waking up before 6am? Download this 10pg comprehensive sleep guide that clearly explains how to extend the time your child wakes up in the morning.




The Sleepytime Guide to Mastering Nap Transitions



Is your baby, toddler or child ready to drop a daytime nap but you are unsure where to even start? Download this 10pg comprehensive sleep guide that clearly explains how to implement a nap transition from 3months to 4 years old.



The Sleepytime Guide to Travelling with Children

janellejeffery_Travelling with Children


Are you getting ready to go on holiday or moving state/country? Are you concerned about how your baby, toddler or child will not only cope with getting from A to B, but how they will be once you are away from home? Download this 7pg travel sleep guide before you embark on your journey to ensure a happy trip for the entire family.