Success Stories

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Callan would not stay in his bed. He would prefer to sleep anywhere else! Callan was a very early riser and he would often scream the house down at all hours of the night. Callan was the youngest of three children and both parents lived out on a property. Previous attempts included: reading books, listening to music and CDs, attending a sleep hospital for a consultation and his parents had previously hired a different sleep consultant.

Once Callan’s Sleeytime Program was implemented, on night 3, he slept in his bed for the first time all night!

“We are now actually getting some time on our own at night, whether it be work or watch TV. I’m not getting into bed so damn late. Woo hoo! ” – Amiee & Robert O’Neill

Callan: 2.4years from Western Australia

Summer suffered from reflux. She relied on her dummy and was waking several times a night. She would often scream rather than just cry. Summer was having very short naps too. Summer was the youngest of two children. Mum had read books about sleep but nothing was working.

Once Summer’s Sleepytime Program was implemented, on night 2, Summer slept from 6:45pm right through until 5:20am. She also napped for over 3.5hours that day.

“A big THANK YOU for everything!! Without you and your sleeping plan for Summer we would probably still be sitting in her room pulling our hair out and stressing about her lack of sleep. You have given us the guidance, support and confidence to change her sleeping habits for the better and because of this we have a happier baby and household and the gift of more sleep for everyone!!! ” – Anita and Angus Napier

Summer: 6months from New South Wales

Olivia would wake all through the night wanting to be breast-fed back to sleep. She was also very small for her age and there were concerns she wasn’t eating enough solid food during the day. Olivia was Samantha and William’s first child.

Once Olivia’s Sleepytime Program was implemented, on night 4, Olivia slept through the night for the first time. She was also waking very hungry in the morning so began eating a hearty breakfast!

“The Program was the right approach for our family. Along with Janelle’s support and guidance life is much more settled. Our little girl is happy and healthy and we are so grateful to Janelle for helping us through this experience.” – Samantha and William Gee

Olivia: 14months from Western Australia
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